Activities and Learning Through Play

We plan stimulating activities both indoors and out

Learn through play. Baines Bunnies - Child Minding Service - BarnsleyWe offer various outings and activities for all children in our care. I feel that if children are happy and well stimulated then the positive experience helps them to settle more quickly and enjoy their time more with us!


We plan regular outings to the local parks , playgroups, soft play areas, playgroups…our list is endless!

I am more than happy to discuss your child’s needs or anything about the service we provide.

I use a complex system called Babys days which incorporates everything to do with the business, from policies, procedures, medical to learning journeys, daily dairy’s and so much more. Everything is done on the system and we are slowly becoming a paperless setting.The system is also available for you as parents to log on and look at everything your child is achieving…more information can be found on the system by visiting

. Each child in my setting has their very own learning journey, an initial assessment is completed after a settling in period and your child’s learning can then be planned for depending on their needs…sounds very complicated but they have no idea they are learning….just playing! Each child’s progression is continually supported and documented in journals, which are available for parents to view and give input. I believe it is very important to work in partnership with parents.

More information on Learning through play can be found the Early Years Foundation website


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