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Many thanks to all our parents and children for your continued support.

Terri x

My children have been with Terri and Stuart for nearly 4 years. After a bad experience in a nursery setting my younger son was very unsure of new people. The first few months were challenging for both me and my son but myself and husband were given nothing but support and kind words while he received the cuddles encouragement and consistency he needed to blossom from the baines bunny’s team!! In fact his first day at school which could of been a disaster was made wonderful as he just walked in and waved goodbye something I believe was made possible by Terri and her ability.

My daughter has been with Terri since she was 9 months old and has learnt so much and enjoyed every second! My older son has been with Terri before and after school and her has been slowly given the age appropriate responsibility to a point where he now trusted to have independent arrival just as he prepares for high school. I work in the care setting and my shifts can change at short notice and this is very rarely an issue. Terri Stuart and their children are a big part of my children’s life and have made many happy memories in this setting and have been given the security and encouragement to express themselves and form friendships.

I would recommend this clean caring and well run setting to anyone

#teambb ❤️

Stephanie Hubbard   

My son Seth has been attending baines bunnies since sept 2010.
When i went back to work after maternity leave, i felt really anxious about leaving him with a childminder (i dont know why i worried now)!
It was the best thing i could have done!
Seth really enjoys going to Terri and Stuarts house and its a real pleasure to have them as his carers whilst i cant be.
If you are thinking about a childminder for you "bundle of joy", then Terri and Stuart are really good and I would really recommend them

Miss K Lowe   

I was extremely apprehensive about leaving my son to go back to work, but as soon as I visited Terri's home for the first time, I knew that she was the perfect person for the job.....Terri has cared for my son Zach on a full time basis since he was 7months old (form Dec 07 to Dec 09

Ann C. Murray   

Terri and Stuart have looked after our daughter Isobel from her being 3 months old, when we first moved to the Barnsley area, away from our family and friends. Since they have looked after Isobel, they have continuously provided us with support and guidance (as new, slightly bewildered, parents, we were extremely grateful for this). Immediately upon meeting them both, they were very welcoming and gave us the confidence to leave our daughter in their care.
As we are both shift workers with the emergency services, we often have to work longer hours at short notice, and Terri and Stuart’s flexibility allows us to continue to do this. Without their support, we would have to work different shifts with minimum family time, so we can’t thank them enough for this.
They provide stimulating activities in a warm, caring, family environment. Isobel’s developing brilliantly and we both feel that Terri and Stuart have contributed greatly to her development.
They truly are one in a million and we consider ourselves very lucky to have found them.

L Bilous and S Varley